Tony Blair and Gordon Brown finally admit they are Daft Punk

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Legendary dance act Daft Punk have announced they have split and have, finally, revealed their identities.

Leading New Labour politicians Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have admitted that they were the men behind the famous helmets and were responsible for hits such as Da Funk, One More Time, and Get Lucky.

“It is time to say goodbye to Daft Punk,” said ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair.

“Creating influential dance records has been a delightful side-line for myself and Gordon, but I think we’re a little too old for that now so, yes, we are Daft Punk, and we’re breaking up.”

The announcement has caused some confusion as Daft Punk were always thought to be Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.

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“Well, that’s our names in French,” explained Gordon Brown, the UK’s longest-serving Chancellor and the musical mind behind the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.

“Guy is Gordon and Tony is Thomas. I’m surprised no one worked it out before, to be honest.”

Daft Punk formed in 1993 and are best known for 2013’s Random Access Memories.

“Well, of course, we weren’t in Government after 2010, so that really gave us chance to focus on our music, and we’d met Giorgio, Nile and The Strokes as part of the day-to-day work of running the country so getting them together to feature on our final album just seemed the natural thing to do.”

Both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have said they remain close friends and will continue to pursue their respective careers in music.

The dramatic revelation comes hot on the heels of last week’s surprise news that Peter Mandelson is Banksy.