New Free Speech Bill to protect free speech from new Free Speech Bill

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Champions of free speech have hailed the introduction of Gavin Williamson’s new Free Speech bill which contains considerable measures to counter the sort of attacks on free speech seen in the new Free Speech bill.

“This new Free Speech bill contains serious threats to peoples right to Free Speech,” said Williamson, as he introduced it earlier this week.

“Therefore, I’m pleased to announce that this new Free Speech bill will be able to protect against those threats.”

An example sited was the new bill’s restriction on the right of universities’ free speech by preventing them from deciding who is allowed to speak at their events. The new bill contains a provision for people or institutions who have suffered because of free speech infringements to sue in such circumstance, allowing the university to claim compensation due to the requirements placed on them by the new bill.

“The right to free speech underpins our democratic society and universities must be free to decide who can and can’t speak at their events, this new bill will prevent this new bill from preventing that,” continued Williamson.

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Mr Williamson denied that he had been drinking heavily when he drew up the new bill over the weekend.