Netflix membership fees to increase by 50p for each household sharing the account

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Netflix membership fees are set to increase by £2 per month from March for a premium account, equating to an inflation-busting 50p per household for the usual four households all sharing the same account.

With news emerging this week that the streaming giant will be raising its monthly fees from March 18th, millions of members and friends and family who share their Netflix account immediately began working out just how much the extra they would have to pay.

Simon Williams, whose sister is a member of Netflix told us, “Cheeky penny-pinching bastards.

“I saw something pop up that the prices were increasing on the account that I share with my sister, my mum and my sister’s work friend Julie, so I knew we’d have to pay extra.

“Obviously I kept quiet and didn’t say anything at first, just in case she paid it herself.

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“But then I got a text off her saying that we’d all have to split the cost and pay 50p extra per month.

“I can’t really complain I suppose, as I’ve been watching an average of 14 hours of Netflix a day since last March and have almost completed every single series on there. Even the subtitled foreign ones.

“But it’s still a bit annoying, having to change the standing order to my sister, and piss about logging into my bank online.”

Asked if he’s ever considered just getting his own account and paying for it all by himself, we were told, “Do people actually do that?