Friday 19 February 2021 by Lucas Wilde

“Adam and Eve were the first victims of cancel culture” claims Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro on cancel culture

Ben Shapiro has said something that, as usual, is totally worth your time and definitely holds up to scrutiny.

Dracula’s least-favourite nephew has made a lucrative living out of suggesting that conservative voices are being obliterated and/or censored. He has made this argument via Twitter, Facebook, his own YouTube channel and his own website.

Now, the diminutive hero of people who can’t think properly claims to have found the root of so-called cancel culture.

“So, hypothetically, let’s say the Garden of Eden literally happened, because it did, even if the left doesn’t like it,”  began Shapiro.

“Adam and Eve are told that they can’t eat this apple, it’s forbidden, by this so-called, self-appointed leader who identifies as ‘God’, I mean, talk about ego.

“The rules are made very clear, then when Adam and Even BREAK those rules, there are consequences. That’s just wrong, isn’t it? You can’t tell me consequences should be a thing in a free country like America – which is where the Garden of Eden definitely was.”

“Adam and Eve were cancelled from the Garden of Eden for eating FRUIT, it’s as simple as that. Lots of people aren’t going to like me saying that, but that doesn’t stop it from being true.”

Journalist, Hayley Rice, said “To be fair, this isn’t even the dumbest argument Shapiro has made.

“But I’m looking forward to a video of him ‘debating’ it with a wide-eyed, freshman college student in which he claims some kind of victory before the video goes viral with the title ‘Ben Shapiro destroys the Garden of Eden Stazis’.”

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