Experts claim curve ‘finally beginning to flatten’ for Bernie Sanders chair memes on the Internet

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Experts have today announced that the current rate of Infection for posting memes involving US Senator Bernie Sanders sat on his inauguration chair in various mocked up situations has finally begun to flatten.

With what appears to be a combination of herd immunity, and genuinely running out of new places to put him, experts have today announced a fall in the actual number of memes online for the first time since he appeared at the ceremony on Wednesday.

Social media expert Simon Williams explains “The curve is flattening, albeit very slowly.

“We have now, for the first time today seen signs of a slight reduction in the number of memes of Bernie on social media platforms.

“The reasons for this are not as is often the case with these things due to them not being funny, because let’s face it, they are! Even now after seeing so many, they are fucking hilarious.

“The main problem is that everyone in the western world has now either seen one of the memes, or done one themselves.

“And by done one, I mean stolen one from the legendary HappyToast off Twitter and claimed they did it themselves.

“Also, more importantly, it now appears that the Internet has actually finally managed run out of new places that Bernie can actually now be placed. There’s just none left.

“It therefore appears that this particular cr… WAIT WAIT HANG ON I’VE, THOUGHT OF ANOTHER “