UK right-wingers furious as President Biden refuses to swear oath to the Queen on his first day

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British right-wing radio hosts, and other people who frequently mention they have black friends, have fiercely criticised the new US president for not displaying slavish devotion to British symbols as if he was better than us or something.

Iain Hartley-Graham, popular talk radio DJ and winner of the 2019 Wobbliest Jowls award, was one of many forced to double-dose their hypertension medication after seeing Joe Biden refusing to raise the Union Jack over the White House.

“Average decent hard-working common sense people have had enough of this ‘woke’ tyranny.

“First they remove the bust of a British PM from the oval office and next we’ll all be sent to re-education camps because we had a bit of a laugh with Sanjay from Accounts and it’s only a bit of dog poo, no harm done.

“Not only that, but did you see a single picture of Her Majesty in the background of the inauguration? Nor did we hear Rule Britannia sung by Lady Gaga. Or is it Mr Gaga now? Wouldn’t want to upset the feminazis, would I?.”

Iain Hartley-Graham was recently taken to task on his comments by lefty pranksters who called in his live show and managed to get through the studio’s vetting by saying that Marcus Rashford is a nice lad but he should know his place.

In the now-viral clip, the anarchists made hysterical claims that the US was not a British fiefdom and that people upset about the oval office’s interior decoration were “terrified simpletons lashing out at a world they are too stupid to understand.”