Donald Trump’s legal team considering retraining in cyber

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Outgoing US President and man who has definitely spilled chocolate milk on the Resolute Desk at some point, Donald Trump, is facing a major setback in his battle to challenge the election results this week, after it was reported that his entire legal team is considering retraining in cyber.

According to several inside sources, Donald Trump’s insistence on filing lawsuits without any evidence whatsoever is taking its toll on his legal team, who are finding it ‘very difficult’ to constantly get laughed at by every judge they stand in front of.

While the legal profession has been humiliating for them, however, they have heard nothing but good things about the benefits of a career in whatever ‘cyber’ is.

“I’ll be honest – it’s a terrible time to be a Trump lawyer right now,” said one member, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“I mean, it’s always a bad time to be a Trump lawyer given how much we lose. But it feels worse right now since now we’re losing AND Fox News hates us.

“A few of us were talking, and we’ve heard really good things about how easy it is to start a new career in Cyber. Apparently, all you have to do is give up on your hopes and dreams – and we’re Trump’s lawyers, so we did that years ago.”

Another anonymous member of the legal team echoed this sentiment, saying that although he has no idea what Cyber is, or how you retrain in it, it seems pretty straightforward.

“I could look it up, I guess, but that would involve doing research – and I didn’t become Trump’s lawyer to do that.”