Friday 13 November 2020

Dominic Cummings updates 2018 blog post to predict his 2020 resignation

Dominic Cummings predicted resigning

Dominic Cummings has left his role at 10 Downing Street with immediate effect, but not before updating a blog post from 2018 to make it look like he predicted that this would happen.

Cummings, who has garnered a reputation for being something of a super-forecaster, chose to update a blog entry from February 2018, in which he discusses at length the latest goings-on in Albert Square, to drop in a reference to his recent resignation.

In 2018 he wrote, “What Eastenders really needs, is the injection of a proper bad-guy, something like a classic Dirty Den.

And this afternoon he added at the end of that sentence, “… who knows, maybe I could do it once I resign from Boris Johnson’s government on 13th November 2020, because that’s what’s going to happen – foresight you see.”

Critics have pointed out that the Internet never forgets, and it is clear that Cummings has manipulated the public record to make himself seem prescient – an accusation Cummings refutes.

He went on, “I haven’t changed my blog, I’ve merely edited it to offer a little more clarity.  Clearly when I was talking about Dirty Den I was talking about my forthcoming resignation, so all I’ve done is elaborate on that point.”

Meanwhile, the non-gullible have rejected Cummings explanation, insisting that they themselves predicted he would do this.

Computer owner Simon Williams told us, “Look at this blog post from 2017, in which I clearly predict that Dominic Cummings will edit a 2018 blog post to claim he predicted his 2020 resignation.

“As such, with a track record like this, I’m now calling myself a super-super-forecaster. QED.”

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