Saturday 7 November 2020 by Pete Redfern

United States now just one particularly cold winter away from first female President

Kamala Harris Vice President-elect

The United States of America has elected its first female President, assuming there is a colder than average winter this year.

Democratic nomination Joe Biden has finally been declared President-elect after securing the 270 electoral college votes required and putting him in good stead to inadvertently pave the way for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to become US President.

US political commentator Chuck Williams told the press this morning, “In terms of strategy, the Democrats have played an absolute winner here.

“A female President is much needed – as we’ve seen over the last four years, men are far too emotional for the role – but having a female nominee will never work, as the American people would rather vote for a racist sex offender than a female in her own right, as we saw in 2016.”

He went on, “So to successfully elect a bloke who is about a hundred and forty years old just before a lengthy cold snap was a smart move.

“If all goes to plan Kamala will be sworn in next January and we’ll get to see the look on Donald Trump’s face when he is forced to hand over the keys to the White House to the much younger, much more talented, mixed-race daughter of immigrants.

He added, “Which in turn will finally give him that massive aneurysm that he’s been long overdue.

“He probably sweats pure KFC at this point.”

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