Sunday 8 November 2020 by Davywavy

Kanye blames election defeat on ‘Crooked Taylor Swift’

Kanye West loses presidential bid

Kanye West, whose Presidential bid ended with him getting fewer than forty votes, has taken to social media to blame his defeat on ‘Crooked Taylor Swift’ today.

Insisting that his failure to even register as a candidate in 38 states was down to Swift fans infiltrating state electoral committees, West said that a huge campaign of social media disinformation had been spread about him by an army of 15-year-olds in their bedrooms up and down the country.

West has not yet formally conceded in the race, and apparently still believes he’s in with a chance of victory once the Supreme Court has listened to his back catalogue.

Meanwhile, West’s wife, Kim, took to Twitter with a pretty-much endless Tweetstorm accusing Swift of having faked hundreds of millions of postal votes for Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Jo Jorgenson and others to do her husband out of the Presidency, followed by a picture of herself with no pants on.

After several hours of this, Kim added that she’d really like to be friends with Swift if only Taylor didn’t insist on making their differences public all the time.

When asked to comment, Taylor Swift replied with a knowing smile that she’d let that bitch Kanye finish.

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