Laurence Fox shows off new Empty Space tattoo

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Right-wing silenced mouthpiece Laurence Fox revealed his new “Empty Space” tattoo to the press today in yet another example of how everything he says is censored.

The tattoo which stretches across the ex-actor, ex-musician, now political party wannabe’s forehead represents the supposed empty space which fills so many newspapers, TV shows and online blogs whenever he speaks, as lefty liberal Illuminati fake news lizard people block him.

The photo and article which appears in the most read tabloid newspaper, across dozens of online news site and tens of thousands of tweets, blogs and opinion pieces perfectly illustrates how anyone with an offensive attitude “can’t be heard in snowflake Britain”.

“It’s impossible for anyone to know what I’m up to,” the tired-looking divorcee moaned.

“No one bought my album or turned up to my seven-person pub night, the only explanation is that none of my constant promotion across every platform was ever seen or heard.”

The new tattoo which Laurence boasts was done in a packed tattoo parlour where no one wore face masks and everyone kept touching each other and coughing in each other’s faces to prove how the pandemic is a lie, took just ten minutes to do.

He went on, “I suffered for an extraordinary length of time, purely for the freedom of this country and to make sure people hear about my new money-making scheme, sorry, don’t print that, I mean my new political party that I am launching to free people from far left tyranny.

“But once again no one will publish any of this, it will be silence and it’ll be ‘Empty Space’ in the press as far as the eye can see.”

When asked for examples of these blank pages Fox refused to comment, for once.