BBC denies political pressure is behind new comedy show ‘The Drug Dealing Muslims Who Hate Brexit’

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Tim Davie, the Conservative party member appointed to run the BBC, has said there was no ideological agenda behind his desire to bring the UK back to more innocent times where hours of mirth could be had just by pointing out someone had dark skin.

Mr Davie’s new Head of Comedy, Simon Williams, explained that he had commissioned several new shows that explored cutting-edge concepts such as foreigners being lazy and uptight feminists getting their comeuppance through hilarious sexual assault.

He explained, “For too long humour has been considered the preserve of well-informed creatives who can highlight the absurdities of the zeitgeist and ensure that those in power are held in check by biting satire.

“But now the public wants the BBC to make comedy that reflects the things that make them laugh down the Wetherspoons; like black people’s genitalia or the way gay men talk like women. Good, honest, clean fun.”

Mr Williams, who cut his teeth working with Jim Davidson on the cancelled TV show My Wife’s Black Eye, said he was looking forward to bringing new talent previously barred from the big time by political correctness.

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He went on, “After my granddaughter got me connected to the Internet, I found some hilarious things on Facebook.

“Like a photo of Liberian child soldiers from 1992 but that was captioned as Sadiq Khan’s new police outreach team. So I tracked down the creators of these gems and got them to come up with some clever ideas.

“Can’t say too much, obviously, but if you’ve ever wondered how a Jamaican policeman deals with a rape complaint from an Asian woman then you are in for a treat!”