BBC hampered in attempts to introduce more right-wing comedy as cabinet ministers continue to refuse to be interviewed

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The BBC has admitted it is hamstrung in its attempts to broadcast more right-wing comedy due to the continued refusal of cabinet ministers to appear on their news channels.

As calls continue for less left-wing comedy to appear on the national broadcaster’s airwaves, and for more humour to come from right-wing sources, the BBC has admitted it has tried. It has really tried.

BBC spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “We have heard the calls for more right-wing comedy, and not a day goes by when we don’t try to get one of the hilarious Tory cabinet ministers in front of our viewers.

“We recognise that the combination of Tory ministers facing pointed questions about their ineptitude has long been a comedy staple for our viewers, but we can only apologise that we’ve not been able to bring them more of that content recently.

“Who could forget our hilarious coverage of a flag-waving Boris Johnson dangling from a zipwire, or Boris Johnson hiding in a fridge to avoid difficult questions.

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“We would dearly love to bring our viewer more right-wing comedy of this type, but unfortunately the stars of the show would prefer to work with other broadcasters.  We’ve tried, we promise!”

Meanwhile, viewers have insisted that the BBC licence fee is worth it even if they only get to see right-wing comedy during TV specials such as ‘The Election’ and ‘Coronavirus Daily Updates’.

“The Tory ministers are my absolute favourite TV entertainers,” explained comedy fan Derek Matthews.

“Chris Grayling is the best TV funnyman since Frank Spencer.”