Woke metropolitan elite spends weekend watching Songs of Praise, Countryfile, and Mrs Brown’s Boys

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The woke metropolitan elite has spent another weekend watching achingly politically correct television like Songs of Praise, Countryfile, and Mrs Brown’s Boys.

“Sometimes, after a hard week of talking down Britain, I just want to settle down on the sofa and relax with some BBC leftist propaganda,” explained Simon Williams, the sort of bearded bastard who would have capitulated to the Germans within minutes during the war.

“Bargain Hunt is my favourite. Having a variety of genial old buffers drive around nice villages in the home-counties trying to find antiques is exactly the sort of thing that will undermine the British way of life and have the Union Jack declared racist, the royal family replaced by illegal lesbian asylum-seekers, and Christmas replaced with the Muslim Festival of Winter.”

Eleanor Gay is a communist who works at the BBC in charge of radical programming designed to subvert everything that makes Britain great.

She explained, “We’re indoctrinating you with an extremist left-wing ideology by exposing you in your millions to wokeist comedy in the form of Mrs Brown’s Boys. Resistance is futile.

“Also, Match of the Day will be back on in a couple of weeks,” she cackled.

“Showing the football highlights is one of the best ways we have to further the BBC’s secret agenda of bringing the country to its knees and becoming a vassal of the European superstate.

“And the whole thing is being subsidised by the hard-working, middle-class silent majority that made this country great.

“The silly twats!”