Adele accused of cultural appropriation by Brummies for the dour miserabilism of her songs

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Social media has once again exploded in acrimonious debate after Birmingham residents have accused pop singer Adele of using their well known glum joyless approach to life in her music but without giving proper credit to the culture it stemmed from.

Adele’s anthems to hopelessness and despair are seen by many Brummies as direct theft of the city’s famous despondency. As explained sunken-faced resident, Simon Williams.

“Don’t get me wrong. We want Brummie culture to spread far and wide and have people worldwide know about our many canals that we stare at with sullen faces for hours on end.

“But Adele’s songs don’t even mention the Bull Ring without bulls or Cadburys, yet they make you see life as grey drudgery that slowly chokes the human spirit. That’s the Birmingham spirit right there, and we’re tired of seeing people stealing it from us.”

Mr Williams denied being censorious or joining in cancel culture.

“We’re not gatekeeping. We don’t want Adele to be happy or welcome the future. We just want her to give credit to her musical inspiration.

“Maybe after singing Hello she could get into an argument with someone who refuses to believe we’re Britain’s second city because it feels odd even after you google it.

“Or maybe she could make a video highlighting our world-famous poorly designed motorway junction and how eugenics is a Brummie invention.”

This is not the first time Brummies have been outraged at the lack of respect for their traditions. The star of the hit TV series Peaky Blinders, Irish heartthrob Cillian Murphy, was famously taken to task for adopting a Birmingham accent but forgetting to come across like a constantly startled dimwit.