‘If Man Utd couldn’t make him part of a credible defence, what chance did we have?’ ask Harry Maguire’s lawyers

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Harry Maguire’s legal team have bemoaned the Manchester United captain’s inability to put in a solid defensive performance after he was convicted of four offences in a Greek court.

The account of Maguire and his friends fighting with strangers and assaulting police led people to believe he thought he was a regular England football fan attending an international tournament.

His lawyers regretfully stated, “He was sure that he could pay the officials to get what he wanted. We simply can’t imagine where he learnt such behaviour.

“When we told him the legal hearing was over, he just said that there would definitely be at least nine extra minutes added on soon, because that ‘normally happens when we need it’.

“He seems to think Fergie time applies everywhere – even in Greece.

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“Even now we can’t seem to get through to him what has actually happened. He’s still convinced VAR are going to overturn the decision because one of the policemen’s nose was offside.”

The club has said they want to meet with Maguire as a matter of urgency, as they think the accusations of him strongly confronting opponents sounds like a case of mistaken identity and could be the subject of an appeal.

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