If Biden wins, good Christians will be forced to watch the pool boy f*ck their wives, warns Republicans

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The Republican Party set a combative tone in the first night of its convention by playing on the latent fears of white American males and conjuring images of God-Fearing men forced to stand by while some youngster with a foreign name ravishes their spouse.

Troy Williams, a popular right-wing talk-show host, made the provocative claim in his speech at the RNC last night.

He told those watching, “The Democrats will stop at nothing to humiliate the God-fearing men of America.

“If they get into power, how long before you will be sitting by the door, wanking away pathetically while some swarthy toyboy with a name like Giancarlo makes your wife moan like you never could? Because make no mistake, that is what they want and they will spare no one.

“Even our religious leaders will be made into hypocrites as they preach abstinence and homophobia while their very own spouse is taking selfies of herself blowing the hired help.”

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Mr Williams later denied using base dog-whistles to harness the lowest instincts of Trump supporters with his outlandish claims.

He went on, “Not at all. The fake news media ignores the reality that I’m not afraid to speak about.

“I personally know a prominent Christian who was been turned into a figure of fun after the Biden nomination caused him to engage in cuckold play. Thousands of his followers have been humiliated as a result.

“Make no mistake, if the Democrats take Washington, I give it six months before we find out something disgusting like President Trump asked interns to piss on him while he ate a Big Mac.”

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