Brexiter makes social media retort into devastating satire by adding ‘LOL’

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Simon Williams, a man with several Nietzche misquotes on his Facebook profile, has used humour to inflict a mortal blow on his ideological opponents when he brilliantly parodied their position but added three letters to indicate he was joking.

In his local Wetherspoons, Mr Williams regaled his peers with the tale of how he patiently waited for some wokeista to make a hysterical claim, of trade stopping with the EU because of the absence of trade deals, and then he pounced.

He explained. “I was on the EU parliament’s Facebook page and was commenting on a post about something boring like girl’s education to tell them they would all be speaking German if it wasn’t for us.

“So of course, the PC brigade jumped on me and thought they were being clever by saying many of them do speak German which is impossible as they were all speaking English and no one can speak two languages except those Welsh fellows.

“But then I got into an argument with some snowflake who was telling everyone about how he was a procurement specialist and that the UK had made no preparations for thousands of differing critical supplies. Really boring stuff. So I typed ‘Yeah right. And we’ll run out of prosecco too. LOL.’

“That just silenced everyone. Literally. No one engaged me again regardless of what I wrote. I absolutely destroyed all of them.”

Back in the pub, Mr Williams was feted as a master of rhetoric for many hours but regrettably will not be able to keep up his winning streak as the police had seized his phone this morning for trying to contact his children in breach of the court order.

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