Tuesday 25 August 2020 by Gary Stanton

BBC confirms ‘Rule Britannia’ to be replaced by ‘F*ck Tha Police’

The Proms to finish with f*ck tha police

Woke BLM evangelists within the BBC plan to ditch White Pride anthem “Rule Britannia” with a song that celebrates the gunning down of uniformed police officers, according to various misleading reports.

Plans to ditch the time-honoured classic, or at least the bit about not being slaves, are seen as well overdue by leftist fanatics using your license fee to flood the airwaves with their grotesque egalitarian propaganda.

Meanwhile, true patriots will be forced to go elsewhere for three hours of knicker-wetting, jingoistic anthems, with ITV and Channel 5 hoping to cater for those left behind – in between adverts for the new Lexus.

Britons who welcome the new format are likely to be in a motherfuckin’ minority and are being encouraged to familiarise their ass with the back catalogues of various BAME artists such as NWA, Snoop Doggy Dog and Eminem if it’s a colour thing.

Union Jack wavers who are accustomed to lyrics that celebrate Britain’s glorious imperial past will indeed be both surprised and alarmed to learn that Ice Cube will swarm on any motherfucker in a blue uniform.

In addition, the format will see Land of Hope and Glory make way for Bodycount’s Cop Killer, with Jerusalem ditched in favour of a Ghostface Killah extended remix, in which shagging hoes features prominently.

Last night former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, hit back at the planned changes, telling any reporter who would listen:

“Gonna smoke any motherfucker that sweats me, not to mention any asshole that threatens me.”

He added, “Man, fuck this shit.”

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