Kamala Harris confirms she is looking forward to being called ‘Michelle’ from time to time

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US SenatorKamala Harris has spoken about her excitement at being selected as Joe Biden’s running mate in the US Presidential election this year and has confirmed she can’t wait to accidentally be called Michelle from time to time.

Senator Harris, a former prosecutor and Democratic presidential candidate who’s widely regarded as both an ethnic minority and a woman, was confirmed to be the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate last night and is already brushing up on the different ways you can say “He didn’t mean that”.

According to an inside source, one of the reasons Mrs Harris was chosen as the VP candidate is because of how much she reminds Biden of former US First Lady, Michelle Obama.

“Joe’s hoping Kamala can really bring that ‘ethnic mum’ energy that Michelle Obama is famous for to the campaign,” said the anonymous insider.

“Obviously, he knows that just because they are both minority women, doesn’t mean they’re interchangeable or ‘token’ in any way. It just means Joe doesn’t care about them as individual people.”

Mrs Harris, in her own press release, confirmed that she only accepted the nomination as the Vice-Presidential candidate after Joe Biden personally promised her he would do ‘everything in his power’ to get her name right at least 50% of the time.

“Joe and I have certainly had our differences in the past, but that promise alone highlights what’s at stake this November,” said Harris.

“The choice is simple – we could choose a President that has a history of racism and sexism, or we could choose a President that also has those things but at least tries to feel bad about it”.