Satirical website treading very carefully around news about dog with racist name

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An occasionally amusing satirical website is pondering how best to poke fun at the news that a headstone for a dog called the n-word has been removed.

Set against the backdrop of recent Black Lives Matter protests which they fully support, and having the firmly held conviction that the n-word shouldn’t be used, even as a joke, writers at FactPunch are wondering how best to proceed today.

“Oh yeah, we’ll take the piss out of anything, and of people’s reaction to anything,” said one writer, Simon Williams, eating baked beans out of a can in his underwear in his bedsit.

“But the removal of the ‘Dambuster Dog’ headstone is a tricky one that needs careful handling.

“On the one hand, it’s got the full range of subjects that we like to use to entertain some of our readers and trigger others – World War Two, animals, casual racism – but on the other hand, we don’t really want to be typing the n-word repeatedly.

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He continued, “Perhaps the best thing to do would be to dash off a lazy article about how the dog’s owner could have been dyslexic and meant to call in ‘Ginger’, or something. Or about how it shouldn’t really be news, as the dog died decades ago, and all it did was hang about the officer’s mess – it didn’t fly the sodding plane, after all.

“Yes, that’ll do, neither of those could possibly be controversial.”

The article is expected to be published on FactPunch soon, just as soon as the editor has decided whether it is safer to use ‘n-word’ or ‘n****r’, or a healthy mixture of the two.