Dominic Raab lambastes Russia for meddling in UK elections to put people like Dominic Raab in power

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Foreign Secretary and security hawk Dominic Raab has told the public that it was almost certain that Russia had used covert means to bring about Dominic Raab’s policies and make the UK vulnerable by putting inept demagogues like Dominic Raab in high offices.

Diamond Raab’s spokesperson, Simon Williams, denied the timing of the revelations was a way to distract from a soon-to-be-released report on Moscow’s interference showing a Tory Party awash with Russian money and ministers refusing to do anything about it.

He explained, “That is frankly in the realm of conspiracy theory. This has nothing to do with the release of the Russian Report that we tried to snuff out by controlling the Intelligence Committee but cocked it up because Chris Grayling is so useless he lost a rigged election.

“Neither is this a desperate attempt to look like we are taking on the Russians despite the Tories doing absolutely sweet fuck-all about their meddling in over a decade of power.”

Mr Williams explained that the harsher tone marked a new willingness to take on the Russians.

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“Dominic is a man of action and he is telling Putin in no uncertain terms that this country will no longer tolerate the dark money and dirty tricks that transformed the likes of Dominic Raab from weird neo-liberal backbenchers to Cabinet members.

“This is a sovereign country and we will not be tricked into opting for harmful policies that impoverish us, diminish us on the world stage and weaken our relationships with our closest allies.

“Well, not anymore.”

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