Wednesday 1 July 2020 by Mark Molloy

Man who set up home gym at start of lockdown seriously considering third workout

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A man who spent hundreds of pounds setting up a home gym in his garage at the start of lockdown back in March 2020 is today seriously considering his third workout using the equipment.

With all indoor gyms now closed for over three months, plumber Simon Williams, who installed the gym at home on March 23rd in an effort to keep himself active during lockdown, revealed today he had actually forgotten he had the equipment until he tripped over a 5kg weight last night looking for a screwdriver.

“I totally forgot it was there,” he revealed.

“Which is a bit embarrassing really considering I spent over £800 on all the equipment, posted about 40 pictures on Facebook and Instagram and bored everyone to tears about my new lockdown fitness regime for about two weeks non- stop whilst I waited for it to be delivered.

“I had a go when I first set everything up, obviously, just to make sure it all worked. And I planned to get in there three or four times a week whilst working from home.

“But then I got into that Tiger thing on Netflix, and just started just drinking a bit more than I do usually, and to be honest, I completely forgot I had it.

“I think I’m going to get in there shortly though, hit the protein shakes and really smash in some intensive training – for about half an hour.”

Asked if he will now be returning to his original plan of four times per week he told us, “Steady on mate, the footy’s back now.”

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