‘I knew this was going to be our year’ confirms Liverpool fan who’s been saying precisely that for last 30 years

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A local Liverpool FC fan and self-proclaimed “reader of the game”, Barry Harnwell, has confirmed to the world today that he actually knew Liverpool would win the league even before the season started, a prediction he’s been making for the last 30 years.

Liverpool won their first top-flight title in 30 years last night, prevailing as champions in spite of the season being affected by the outbreak of coronavirus.

Despite the historic nature of the victory, Mr Harnwell claims he knew from the very first minute of the first game that this year was going to be Liverpool’s year.

“People called me crazy,” reminisced the 56-year-old great-grandfather in an emotional series of tweets.

“They said I was deluded, that I always say ‘this year is our year’. And even though that’s true, what’s most important to remember is that I was finally right! This year actually was our year! I f***ing knew it!!”

Mr Harnwell credits his incredible prediction to his keen understanding of the game, his uncanny knack for spotting which players and clubs will make the most impact, and the fact that he makes the exact same prediction every year and that mathematically, it had to happen at some point.

“It feels like I have finally been vindicated,” he continued.

“I knew from the very first game this year that this was a special year, and that this is a special team. And although I have technically said that every year since 1990, it’s pretty crazy how spot-on I was this time.”