“All Lives Matter!” insists woman who crosses the street when she sees a homeless person

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A local woman who actively avoids any homeless people she sees them has decided to wade in on the on-going “Black Lives Matter” movement this morning, after boldly claiming that in her opinion, “All lives matter!”.

Karen Williams, a 44-year-old Avon salesperson and mother of three, has defied all societal norms and declared to the world that, in fact, it’s not just “Black” lives that matter, but “All” of them.

In a Facebook post made to tens of co-workers and people she went to secondary school with, Ms Williams bravely explained that, instead of complaining about how Black people have been historically and systemically marginalized throughout the Western world, we need to remember that other people are also important.

“I honestly don’t understand why people don’t get it!” said Williams, in a post that accrued 2 likes and 1 ‘laugh emoji’ reaction in the last twelve hours.

“Instead of harping on about how black lives matter, shouldn’t we, oh, I dunno, think ALL lives matter? That includes black lives people! I feel like I’m the only smart person left in the world!”

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The post came as a surprise to the twelve people in total who saw it, as just the previous day Williams had shared a story of how she “dodged a bullet” by narrowly-avoiding speaking to a homeless person.

“Whew! Was just turning the corner at Tesco and almost ran into someone, was about to say ‘sorry’ before I saw he was homeless! In this neighbourhood of all places! Dodged a bullet there, but very worrying. Was black too!”

Williams has been unavailable for comment on the conflicting posts, although in a follow-up Facebook post she did confirm to the public that she had several Beyonce albums and was therefore NOT a racist.