Number of plans made in lockdown for ‘when all this is over’ falls for third day running

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The number of different plans made by people whilst speaking to friends and family in lockdown for ‘when all this is over’ has fallen again today for the third day running and to its lowest level since mid-April.

With millions of people across the country having no summer holiday to look forward to, and with thousands of parties missed due to the current pandemic, people have been making plans in their millions for ‘when all this is over’, with many people hitting completely unrealistic targets for planned activities within weeks.

Simon Williams however, who has been studying the trend reveals that levels are now beginning to drop.

“People are gradually making fewer plans for ‘when this is all over’,” he told us.

“The reason for this is is largely due to what have now become completely unrealistic targets, meaning that some people appeared to be planning up to fourteen different holidays for next year alone, providing this is all over by then.

“Nights out were also running into the hundreds for some people, with planned ‘weekends away’ also far exceeding the number of actual weekends there are in a year.

“Of the billions of social Zoom calls made in the last three months, we estimate 85% of them ended with some form of commitment to do something together ‘when this is all over’.

“However, as people have finally been allowed to start going out to actually do things again, the number of plans to go out and do things have also begun to drop. In some cases quite precipitously.”

Asked when he thinks people will be able to carry out their plans, he told us “When this is all over, probably”

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