Most popular Springwatch moments to be released on new Blu-ray – ‘Springwatch: Just Shagging’

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The BBC has announced that a new Springwatch compilation Blu-ray – ‘Springwatch: Just Shagging’ – will be available in the coming weeks.

The Blu-ray has been produced in response to viewer demand.

“Every year, we get correspondence from our most fervent fans,” explained Julian Hector, Head of the BBC Natural History Unit.

“There is quite a number who would love the chance to watch Springwatch without all the extraneous chat, empty fields, nest-building, and dam-building and just focus on what’s really important: animals doing it.”

Mr Hector was adamant that the Blu-ray would not be exploitative.

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“What, soft-lighting, Barry White music and intrusive close-up?

“No, that isn’t really the Springwatch way, and besides it would, apparently, be terribly expensive to set up.

“This will simply be 90 minutes of various British animals in their natural habitat, getting it on.

“Although, there is nothing to stop viewers listening to their Barry White CDs as they watch the Blu-ray. That’s fine.”

Fans of the show were excited by the news that finally, they would be able to get straight to the good bits.

“This is brilliant news,” tweeted @iheartstoats.

“I love Springwatch, like everyone, but I’m also a busy woman, so I don’t always have time to listen to Michaela explain how nests work, I just want to watch some water voles making sweet love and then get back on with my life.”

Though the Blu-ray will be in ultra-HD and include lots previously unseen footage, the basical highlights will be available on Player from this week.