Bloke looking suspiciously like Katie Hopkins opens hateful, racist Twitter account

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A man with a profile picture that looks suspiciously like a FaceApp’d gender swap of Katie Hopkins has opened a Twitter account and started spewing hateful bollocks.

Just minutes after Katie Hopkins was banned from the platform, and by apparent sheer coincidence, a face that was very similar to the failed reality TV star – but male – popped up with the user name K.T.Hopkins.

“My first thought was ‘oh shit, Katie Hopkins has got a twin brother’,” explained Twitter user Simon Williams.

“But then I realised that there’s always a good and an evil twin, so if she had a twin then she must be the evil one and her brother must be the nice one.

“Also him having the initials KT would have been a daft move by her parents. Almost as daft as forgetting to wear a condom the night she was spawned.”

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Simon continued, “And then my suspicions were aroused further when this bloke who looks like Katie Hopkins and has an almost identical name started spouting the same stupid and hateful shit she used to projectile vomit all over the place.

“It is a very strange coincidence.”

Twitter spokesperson Eleanor Gay told us, “We will be monitoring this new account closely, and if he starts typing the same things she-who-shall-not-be-named used to type then we will suspend the account.

“Partly because it’s fun to do, but mostly because it’s fun to see the far-right snowflakes frothing at the mouth over their ‘lack of free speech’.

“They’re hardly struggling for a platform for their views whilst TalkRadio is on the air, are they?”