Katie Hopkins supporters mistaking ‘freedom of speech infringement’ with ‘everyone thinking she’s a dick’

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Supporters of Katie Hopkins have today insisted her banning by Twitter is an infringement on her freedom of speech, rather than a simple demonstration of the fact that lots of people think she’s a dick.

Hopkins’ Twitter account has long been a place for her to angrily talk about the sort of things that can generate her the most cash donations from angry simpletons, but Twitter finally called time on that cash cow after realising she is a dog-whistling gas-lighting prick.

Fans of Hopkins have said that not letting her post on Twitter to talk about some of the distasteful things she says for money in is an affront to the principle of free speech, with some of them laughably insistent that this is the case.

However, Twitter spokesperson Chuck Williams explained, “Katie Hopkins is quite free to go and stand on a box in the park and talk at length about her views on nationalist identity, Black Lives Matters, poor people having children and the failure of immigration – we’ve just decided that we’re not going to give her a place on our platform to say it.

“You can tell it’s not infringing on her right to free speech because no-one from the government has come to take her away for saying the things he said on her Twitter page. Except when refused to apologise for saying libellous things, then there is the odd court case.  But apart from that.

“She is literally free to say whatever she likes, just not on our social media site.”

Hopkins Supporter Trevor Matthews told us, “This is completely disgusting from the leftist liberal mainstream media.

“The constitution I saw online says you have to listen to whatever garbage I make up – it’s the law of the world. I know that’s true because I read it on her Twitter page.”