Man told fifteen lies in less than a minute as car salesmen return to work

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A man has today been told fifteen complete lies in less than one minute as car showrooms finally open up again across the UK.

41-year-old plumber Simon Williams, who has this morning paid only £4,800 for his 2006 Ford Focus told us, “I’ve been waiting to get a new car for ages, and I’ve got myself an absolute bargain here, the salesman told me as much.

“Apparently, his wife has got the exact same car, and his best mate too, and his dad, and it runs like a dream. The 2006 model is a classic, so he tells me.

“They are practically giving it away he said, and it’s only had one careful owner who was an old lady who only ever went to the corner shop.

“I was really lucky to get it actually, because there had been about five people looking at it earlier in the day and one of them had left a deposit on it.

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“But he said if I take it there and then I can have it, and for £500 less than he was charging the other guy! So I snapped his hand off, obviously.”

Asked if he had looked at any other cars before making his purchase he told us, “Mate, did you not hear what I said about the other five people?”