Man tweeting #AllLivesMatter also advocates risking vulnerable people dying from Covid-19 to get economy going again

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A man who is busy Tweeting #AllLivesMatter whenever he sees the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag was busy last week insisting we need to reopen the economy even if it means risking the lives of the more vulnerable in our society.

Simon Williams, 35, is of the view that ‘all lives matter’ only when it helps weaken the argument of people he doesn’t like, preferring the moniker ‘some lives matter’ when it risks the money in his pocket.

He told us, “All these #BlackLivesMatter campaigners are missing the point, ALL lives matter – that shouldn’t be a controversial opinion and they should all shut up and agree with me.

“Anyone Tweeting about black lives mattering, and ignoring all the other lives, is basically racist against white people because that’s definitely a real thing now.

“I care about everyone, not just black people, because I’m not a racist.”

However, when asked about the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, he told us, “It’s ridiculous, shutting down the economy to save the lives of a few people who are really old or really sick. What’s the point? They’ll be dead soon anyway.

“We should focus on getting the economy going again, and if we lose a few grandmas along the way, so be it.”

Sociologist Derek Matthews told us, “Yeah, we’ve noticed the correlation. A Venn diagram of people who tweet AllLivesMatter and people who say we should open up the economy regardless of the consequences is basically a circle.

“And yes, it’s a really big circle full of arseholes.”