White man who got pulled over for a faulty brake light knows EXACTLY how black people feel

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A white man who once got pulled over by the police for having a faulty brake late has said that he knows EXACTLY how black people feel when dealing with the police.

“The police car came up behind me and indicated that I should pull over, so I did so,” explained Simon Williams, a computer programmer.

“Then the policeman told me that one of my brake-lights wasn’t working.

“It was at that moment that I really appreciated what it’s really like for black people. I mean, I didn’t know what the policeman was going to do, did I? Would he give me a fine? Arrest me? Technically he could have confiscated my car.

“I was really worried.”

Happily, Mr Williams just received a warning.

“He told me to get it fixed.

“But the whole thing just gave me an insight into what it must be like to be black and dealing with the police. I mean, the policeman was polite, but you could tell that when he said ‘sir’ he didn’t really mean it.

“The whole thing was pretty unnerving. So, you know, I think I, more than most, know how black people feel. EXACTLY how they feel.”

However, he wasn’t sure why so many black people were rioting.

“No, it would just be easier if they made sure their brake-lights were working or, you know, weren’t breaking any other rules and then they wouldn’t get pulled over anymore.

“That’s what I did. Seems like a much more practical solution than rioting.”