City of Durham told to self-isolate for 14-days as ‘test and trace’ system launched in UK

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The whole city of Durham is being contacted this morning and told to self isolate for 14-days under new test and trace measures aimed at finding members of the public who have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus.

With the launch of the government’s new test and trace facility aimed at suppressing the spread of coronavirus by speaking to confirmed cases and asking for very specific details of who they may have been in contact with in order to ask those people to stay at home, work has gotten underway to immediately isolate those affected.

A spokesman for the NHS Tracing team has advised, “Following detailed discussions with an individual from the South of England this morning, who obviously we cannot name due to data protection reasons, we have had to begin contacting almost every single person in the city of Durham and asked them to self isolate.

“Unfortunately, we have also had to contact employees at two motorway service stations, one supermarket, a farm, an optician and a cafe near to a Castle.

“We are still working flat out to try to contact everyone this person has been in contact with whilst they were infected, but due to the sheer level of travel, interaction and general disregard for any public safety when infected this is proving very difficult.”

Asked if the person in question was indeed who we think it was we were advised “Probably, yes. Well yes. Obviously, but we can’t say, but yes.”

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