NHS fees to be doubled for overseas supermarket workers

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Supermarket workers from overseas including all delivery drivers and warehouse staff will see NHS surcharge fees doubled from next week in a dramatic move by the government.

The news comes as thousands of NHS workers in the UK were celebrating last night having been told that they will no longer have to pay the fees following an announcement by Health Secretary Matt Hancock during yesterday’s coronavirus daily update.

However, after being passed a polite note from a treasury official, Downing street has admitted that the money needs to come from somewhere.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister told us “We can announce today that we will be increasing the current NHS surcharge fees for overseas supermarket workers from next week to £800 per year, or maybe a bit more if we can.

“This increase will be extended to all delivery drivers and anyone involved in the production, packaging or transport of any items of food, drink or clothing, or anything actually. I think bin men too, oh, and teachers. Sod it.”

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Asked if the dramatic move was in any way related to yesterday’s news regarding the scrapping of fees for NHS staff, Boris told reporters, “Absolutely not!

“We have been working on this revised costing for a number of months now as part of an extensive strategy to ensure maximum value for the taxpayer.  Just because we’re only telling you about this today after we changed our mind on something else yesterday is purely coincidence.

“Ooooh factory workers too, it extends to them as well. And builders, why not.”