Boris Johnson found alive and well in a fridge in central London

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has today been found alive and well in what appeared to be a large fridge in central London after spending a number of days completely missing during the worst crisis faced by his country in decades.

Fears began to grow for the Prime Minister after he was last seen in public a number of days ago during Prime Ministers Questions where he was asked a series of difficult questions by Keir Starmer regarding the governments handling of the current pandemic.

Such was Boris’ level of discomfort on display during the last PMQs, many believed Boris may have run away for good.

After days of frantic searching for Mr Johnson, he was finally found early this morning by police to the relief of his Cabinet , who were frankly beginning to run out of people to put forward to chair the daily update.

A police spokesman explained, “We can confirm that following an extensive search of the area we have this morning finally located the Prime Minister and he has been returned safe and well to 10 Downing Street where he may indeed show his face later to try to explain this mess.

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“We can advise that he looked tired and even more dishevelled than usual when we first saw him, and also appeared somewhat disappointed to be found.”

Asked how they managed to finally locate the Prime Minister we were told, “We went back to basics. Where is he likely to be when tough questions need answering? Hiding in a fridge of course!”