Leave-supporting tabloids looking forward to writing headlines about the dastardly EU forcing Brits to get visas

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As the Immigration Bill goes through its second reading in Westminster aiming to end Freedom of Movement, The UK’s tabloids are preparing to lambaste Brussels for imposing tedious paperwork on hard-working Britons going on a continental holiday.

At the Daily Mail, Newsdesk Editor Simon Williams explained that his staff were getting ready for a whole new genre of tabloid outrage featuring rotund families from Dagenham posing angrily with their arms crossed after seeing their holidays ruined by ‘petty eurocrats’.

“It’s an exciting new time. We expect a large percentage of our readers will just head down to Dover with not even the faint idea that the policies they have spent the past decade whining about might actually benefit them.

“As carriers will have to ask for ETIAS clearance that most Brexiters have never bothered looking into, we predict a huge amount of them will be turned away.

“Pathetic as it may seem to you, these stories are great fodder for us and contains a lot of our favourite tropes; Evil foreigners, couples with unpleasant-looking children looking glum in front of suitcases, applications websites that we’ll label Byzantine just because they offer several language options, and calling a visit to Disneyland Paris a ‘trip of a lifetime’ without a hint of irony.”

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Mr Williams’ confidence that few Brexiters or his paper would be blamed for the predictable consequence to the end of Freedom of Movement, seemed to be well-founded.

At a bus stop in Croydon, leave supporter Darren Tinnock was asked if he had considered the default principle of visa reciprocity when he voted for Brexit and the implications on the holiday routines of British people once Freedom Of Movement was removed.


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