Zoom CEO still can’t believe how lucky he got with last year’s birthday wish

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Zoom CEO and recent purchaser of a personal tennis court, Eric Yuan, has reportedly told inside sources that he still can’t believe how well his birthday wish from last year has turned out.

Yuan has been left surprised and delighted after the Video Communications company saw a record increase in usage due to the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

Mr Yuan, who started Zoom in 2011 with the simple hope of allowing people to one day attend work meetings in their underwear, reportedly celebrated his 50th birthday in June last year.

According to eyewitnesses who were at the Laser Tag-themed birthday party, Mr Yuan spoke at length about his desire to see Zoom usage grow throughout the world, before closing his eyes and blowing out all 50 candles in a blow many have since described as “pretty impressive”.

“We weren’t sure if the wish was going to come true,” said one party attendee.

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“Everyone knows you don’t tell people what you’re wishing for on your birthday. We were sure Eric had screwed it up again, like he did every year before.”

Despite breaking one of the most important rules in the universe, however, the extraordinary circumstances around the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent global lockdown have seen the video conferencing company increase its user base by almost 500% over the previous year, according to a new press release.

“He’s absolutely over the moon about this,” claimed one anonymous source who is close to Mr Yuan.

“He keeps running around the house yelling ‘It came true! It came true! I’m going to live forever!!!’

“He still can’t quite believe that his dream is finally being realised. I suppose it just goes to show, no matter how bad things may get, all you need to make it through is a bit of perseverance and a global pandemic that somehow uniquely benefits your niche technology company.”

Despite his private jubilation, Mr Yuan remains publicly solemn in his role as CEO, in part due to the tragic circumstances that surround the success of his company.

He told reporters, “Despite the incredible growth we have seen at Zoom, it is important to remember that this is still a time of tragedy throughout the world.

“While we have enjoyed some recent success, we must mention the millions of people around the world who are having to put up with open mic comedy shows on our platform. Their sacrifice shall not be in vain.”