Nigel Farage confirmed as a ‘key worker’ for repeatedly leading far right parties to electoral defeat

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Nigel Farage has insisted he is a ‘key worker’, after flouting lockdown rules to travel over 100 miles to film a video, an argument no-one is disputing given his sterling record of causing right-wing parties to lose elections.

To film the video, in which he ranted about migrants on an empty beach notably devoid of illegal immigrants, the Brexit Party leader travelled from his Kent home to a beach in Pett in East Sussex before heading to Hastings, despite members of the public being told to stay at home.

Speaking to reporters this morning, the Brexit Party leader defended his actions, saying, “Some have accused me of recklessly flouting Coronavirus lockdown rules to drive from one empty beach to another empty beach to scream into the void about the beaches being full of migrants landing here illegally.

Farage told his viewers, “yes, I will be criticised for breaking the law while failing to show you brown people breaking the law. But this is key work I am doing here – who else is risking their lives to film a video that literally dozens of people will watch and that highlights these important issues. Issues that admittedly don’t appear all that important if you actually watch the videos.”

Political commentator Simon Williams told us, “Well, I suppose he is a ‘key worker’ in the sense that he is so hopeless at leading his band of merry racists, be it under UKIP or the Brexit Party, that there’s not a chance in hell they’ll get any power in Westminster.

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“But it’s hardly frontline nursing, is it? The only thing he’s ever nursed is a hangover.”