Man who regularly lauds ‘courageous’ WWII generation seemingly happy to risk their lives to end ‘inconvenient’ lockdown

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A man who has repeatedly said the entire country needs to be like the ‘heroic’ WWII generation, has said he is willing to risk sacrificing the WWII survivors still living so his life can be a bit more convenient.

Simon Williams, 42, has used every opportunity possible to invoke the spirit of the Blitz since first becoming interested in politics during the EU referendum campaign.

Since then, he has regularly told people he disagrees with that the people of that generation coped fine with adversity, showed great bravery in defeating Hitler, and should be admired by all for their efforts.

However, it appears he also thinks they are worth sacrificing, after saying a continued lockdown designed to save the lives of many people who survived WWII is getting “a bit annoying now”.

He told us, “These people risked their lives for our freedoms, so what better way to demonstrate my respect for those selfless acts by showing that I, too, am happy to risk their lives so I can get to Starbucks and go to the pub.

“The ‘Blitz spirit’ personified by that generation doesn’t end just because they are now in their nineties. It carries on, which is why I’m quite sure they would all be happy to risk their lives so the rest of us can go back to doing jobs we hate to cram ourselves into shops we don’t really like while buying shit we don’t really need.

“They are the true patriots, and if that means a few thousand WWII survivors have to die so my life is a little bit easier, then I’m sure they would be happy with that.”