Harvey Weinstein learning first-hand about ‘unwanted sexual advances’ after first prison shower

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Convicted sex offender and former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is learning what it means to be subjected to unwanted sexual advances by a much more powerful individual after being made uncomfortable by the demands of his fellow inmates.

Sources have confirmed that the now-convicted rapist has been the victim of several sexually aggressive and manipulative men while incarcerated in the US penal system.

The former producer is apparently starting a Twitter campaign to protect men like himself from the predations of other men like himself.

Ronald Beak, Mr Weinstein’s lawyer commented, “This is a great injustice. My client would always offer something valuable like a role in a film, or keeping their job as an actress in return for non-consensual sex – rather than say, a bar of soap or getting his flip flops back.

“To compare his current predicament to those of his victims is extremely unfair. Just because they both involve someone powerful making you feel like you have to perform sexual favours in order to get by doesn’t mean they are the same thing.

“Harvey’s victims felt they had to do it so their time in the movies wouldn’t come to a premature end, whereas Harvey is being made to do stuff so his time in prison doesn’t come to a premature end – see? Completely different.

“We tried to appeal to the other inmates on account of his ill health, but if anything his stooped posture and zimmer frame make him an easier target.”

Simon Williams, prosecuting, said, “We are pleased that justice has finally been served for Weinstein’s victims, but we do not condone prison rape – so we spoke to those involved and they’ve assured us it was all consensual. Case closed I guess.”