Katie Hopkins suddenly keen to avoid everyone judging a whole group because of the actions of one lone murderer

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Far-right provocateur and walking yeast infection Katie Hopkins has been uncharacteristically vocal about the unfairness of ascribing collective guilt now that it’s been shown the mass murderer in Germany was not Muslim.

Simon Williams, a devotee of Ms Hopkins who is not allowed to see his own children unsupervised, supported his idol in her call for calm and reflection

He told us, “When I heard the news, I immediately started tweeting about Europistan under siege and how long will Christian patriots accept to see blood on the streets because they are too PC to blame Islam, the so-called ‘religion of peace’.

“And now I have had to furiously delete all my rants, but Katie knew to wait and see just in case it turned out not to be the inevitable outcome of Muslims in Europe but actually one bad apple whose actions need to make us think about mental health provisions. What a professional she is!”

Mr Williams said it was important to distinguish people that call for the extermination of all Muslims in Europe and the actions of those who enact the logical conclusion of that idea.

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He went on, “We all need to calm down and not cast blame on people who constantly rant on about Muslims being an existential threat to our lives and our society.

“You can’t just point the finger at those who spend all their time calling for direct action against this perceived invasion whenever someone goes ahead and puts those ideas into practice.

“This is not the time to make rash calls about banning certain groups.

“Now is the time for thoughts and prayers.”