‘And what do you do?’ Greta Thunberg asks Prince Charles

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Climate activist Greta Thunberg met Prince Charles at the World Economic Forum and was genuinely puzzled as to the point of him.

Greta Thunberg met the Prince of Wales in Davos after Charles made a speech on the issue of sustainability.

“Hello,” said Greta to the strange old man. “Who are you and what do you do?”

Charles, visibly taken aback at such a profound question, did his very best to answer.

“Well, I er, just sort of dodder about commenting on things,” he said.

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“For example, if I think a building is ugly I announce to the world that it’s a carbuncle.

“Or if I think society is becoming a bit sweary then I’ll publicly lament the prevalence of the casual obscenity.

“So I suppose you could say I’m jolly important!

“I’ve actually been harping on about climate change and the importance of environmentalism for some time now.

“Of course, nobody listens to me because I have all the energy and charisma of a butternut squash.”

Ms Thunberg listened intently but still couldn’t quite grasp the purpose of this apparently senior figure in British society.

He seemed to be vaguely concerned about the right sort of things so why hadn’t he done anything about them?

Greta herself had managed to capture the imagination of the whole world and done more to get people thinking seriously about climate change in mere months than this Prince had in decades.

She decided to have one more go.

“But what do you do?” she asked again.

“Well I’m bloody doing it!” said Charles, growing exasperated. “I give my opinions about things and meet people!”

Seconds later they parted company and Greta forgot all about the encounter.

She had actual decision-makers to meet and real changes to make.