Offending people not actually difficult or admirable

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Offending people isn’t actually a skill, according to reports this afternoon.

Scientists have discovered that while people may garner attention and sometimes money by deliberately upsetting people, it doesn’t then follow that this is a difficult thing to do.

“You’re a thick cunt with stupid views,” said scientist, Simon Williams.

“See? That didn’t take much out of me. But I don’t normally say things like that because I don’t feel the need to be that unpleasant. Most people are still like that, thankfully.

“Sorry for saying that, by the way. I was just making a point.

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“However, we’ve noticed a growing trend of admiration for people like Katie Hopkins, Piers Morgan and Nigel Farage who ARE that unpleasant on purpose in exchange for fame and/or money.

“I need to make it clear that we’ve done a lot of tests and it turns out that deliberately upsetting people isn’t difficult at all. A child could do it. Most of us are simply polite and decent enough that we choose not to.”

Moron, Hayley Rice, said, “Bunch of bloody snowflakes. They just can’t handle being told how it is, that’s all. If they can’t handle me being incredibly and unnecessarily rude about their veganism, sexual orientation or politics then that’s absolutely their fault, and definitely not a sign of my own immaturity at all.”

Williams commented, “Yes, we refer to Hayley as Exhibit A.”