Eggs and Flour announce they are leaving Great British Bake Off

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After Sandi Toksvig announced she will be heading out of the Great British Bake Off door, the main ingredients have sensationally stated they are also leaving the show out of loyalty to the presenter.

They said that Sandi had nurtured them, from the day they were nothing more than eggs cracked into a bowl, flour in a packet and sugar in a large tin marked ‘Sugar’ right through their career all the way to becoming a cake, or some other dessert-type stuff of some kind.

The ingredients added that they were a little bit sad for the audience who were probably expecting to see them in a show with the words ‘Bake-Off’ in the title.

Channel 4 executive, Michael Jenkins, said, “Despite most of the original cast and now the ingredients having announced they were leaving, the show will remain exactly the same, though obviously now there is more appeal to a more gluten-free demographic.

“This is a brilliant and unique format which, I reiterate, had nothing to do with the presenters’ knowledge, camaraderie and innuendo and was all about throwing things in a bowl and incinerating them.

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“We’ll continue on this path, if only to make a point. And if we have to use only lentils, in both cooking and presenting roles, so be it.”