Rogue state with despotic leader and alleged nuclear capabilities convinced Iran won’t retaliate further

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A rogue state with alleged nuclear capabilities and a crazed despot for a leader appears to believe Iran won’t retaliate further after killing a military general in a drone strike.

Professor of International Law at the University of Holmfirth, Simon Williams, explained, “Self-styled autocrat, Donald ‘The Donald’ Trump, decided to airstrike a man after realising he needed to start a war in order to win an election so ignored International Law because that’s just what he’s like.

“The man he actually tried to kill was just an Iranian civilian buying an ice lolly but the drone missed the target. It was complete happenstance that General Soliemani was stood behind him waiting for a two-ball screwball and got a missile in the face.

“Trump now believes Iran will not retaliate but that seems to be based upon a tactic of saying things and hoping they work, much like his entire presidency, rather than actual facts, of which he has always been suspicious.”

If Iran does appear prepared to retaliate further, President Trump will use his traditional method of diplomacy: reiterating what he said before but louder and louder before sticking his fingers in his ears and shouting ‘Can’t hear you! Can’t hear you!!’

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