Tories deny they doctored video showing Keir Starmer insulting Grenfell victims

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The controversy about deep fakes, and the regulatory black hole for online political advertising, heated up as CCHQ circulated a video appearing to show Labour politician Keir Starmer saying that he would have survived the Grenfell disaster as he is much smarter than people who live in council housing.

Labour supporters were quick to point out that the video was crudely faked as the idea of a seasoned politician saying something as abysmally stupid was obviously manufactured.

As explained Momentum activist Amanda Tinnock, “Once again we see the dark hand of Tory dirty tricks and they are not even putting much effort into it.

“Claiming that the victims of the most lethal fire in recent British history died because they were too stupid to save their own lives? No one involved in politics would even think of saying something as monumentally crass. That would be the immediate end of their party’s chance of elections.”

However, the Conservative Party denied any wrongdoing and explained that the video just highlighted Labour’s stance on being smarter than other people. As claimed Election Consultant Simon Williams.

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He went on, “We feel the video was appropriate because people like Keir loves to tell hardworking families how he knows more than them about International Law or geopolitical strategy just because he has extensive professional experience and knows what those words mean.

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