Latest Brexit 50p coin to be left blank so people can write the date in themselves

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The Royal Mint is to save itself further trouble by issuing a new Brexit 50p coin with the date left blank so people can write it in for themselves, it has emerged.

The date on which Britain leaves the EU has been changed so often that repeatedly casting, melting down and re-casting the commemorative coins has cost the mint a small fortune – and they’ve been unable to spend the coins themselves to pay for it.

However, quick-thinking numismatists at the mint have come up with a solution allowing the coins to be struck and issued whilst taking into account the ever-changing nature of the date, and also the possibility that it might never happen at all.

“We’re considering putting a combination setting on the coin so people can spin the dial to the date they like best,” said senior Mintola Simon Williams.

“Otherwise, we could leave it black for people to scratch it in when it happens with a knife, or just write it in with a crayon.

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“We considered making part of the coin out of paper so leave voters could write the date in with a pencil, but then we realised during the referendum they were all terrified if they did that someone might rub out their vote and we didn’t want to trigger them again.”

Discussions on the nature of the coin are ongoing, but experts are confident that whatever the final version of the coin, the mint will have plenty of time to sort out details before they really need to issue it.