British Airways wins environmental award for record reduction in flights

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Environmentalists have applauded British Airways for doing more to reduce carbon emissions than any other company.

As BA staff prepare to go out on their quarterly strike once again, good news has come in the form of official recognition of their effort for the environment.

Simon Williams of Clean Air UK told reporters, “For years we have been trying to get people to take fewer international flights and this is now possible thanks to the selfless actions of the recalcitrant BA staff.

“No other company in the FTSE 100 has done this much to impact the lives of its customers. British Airways have assured me that they are already planning next years strikes and may even become carbon neutral by 2030.

“We also support the hard-working pilots of BA, who are currently trying to get by on a mere £200,000 a year, which I’m sure you’ll agree is barely a living wage.”

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The walkout has been organised by the Militant Greedy Bastards Union and is set to last two days.