Most Brexiters planning to blame any consequence of No Deal Brexit on Sadiq Khan

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As Boris Johnson refuses to negotiate with the EU and the prospect of No Deal becomes very real, leave supporters are relishing the prospect of blaming any economic downturn on the Mayor of London.

Speaking from the Croydon Wetherspoons where he whittles away the day, retired fishmonger and full-time arsehole Simon Williams, explained that he was already practising holding Sadiq Khan responsible for any ill effects of the policy he supports.

“I’ll be honest, I’ve nearly given up claiming No Deal will be a piece of piss. I thought it would only fuck over my smug children for being smarter than me, but I’ve just realised that my yearly holiday in Benidorm could be more expensive. That and the wife’s insulin supply could be a problem.

“But I believe in British pluck. We will just have to take the hardships and use them to attack that Muslim snowflake who is making kids stab each other through sharia magic or something. When the shelves run bare, I will bang on incessantly that Sadiq Khan needs to stop being so PC and get it sorted.”

Mr Williams also explained that the act of blaming every ill of the world on a high profile British Muslim was a safety blanket in uncertain times.

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“Everything is confusing nowadays. I used to be a Farage man but now I have another philandering money-grubbing racist to slavishly follow in the shape of Boris Johnson. No one has any idea of what tomorrow will bring.

“But whatever happens, I have the safety of knowing I can spout off about how every last one of society’s problems is the fault of a brown man that scares me.”