Meghan Markle should be more respectful of tradition and be white, says Piers Morgan

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Piers Morgan has used a column in the Daily Mail to criticise Meghan Markle, suggesting she should be more respectful of royal tradition, and be white, after having the temerity to guest-edit the magazine Vogue.

Meghan Markle married Prince Harry last year and has received criticism ever since for her independent nature and colour of her skin.

“Enough is enough,” blazed Mr Morgan in his opinion piece.

“Ms Markle needs to understand that Britain has a long history of duty and respect amongst its royals.

“They should be modest, dignified and, most importantly of all, white.

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“Ms Markle’s insistence on promoting her celebrity by guest-editing a magazine, ignoring her royal duties, and being black is diminishing the image of the Royal Family and, by extension, this great country.

“At least when Kate, our wonderful Duchess of Cambridge, guest-edited the Huffington Post, she had the decency to do it while being white – so I obviously didn’t have a problem with that.”

Daily Mail readers found themselves in agreement with Mr Morgan.

“Once again, Mr Morgan hits the nail on the head of the nub of the issue,” said Simon Williams, a Daily Mail reader and committed racist.

“When I see Meghan doing undignified and disrespectful things like editing a woman’s magazine and not being white, she makes me feel ashamed.

“She represents everything that is going wrong about this country – an obsession with being famous and black people doing things that they shouldn’t be doing.”

It is expected that, despite the criticism, the Duchess has no plans to either modify her attitude or be more white.